What Really Sets Us Apart From The Competition

TurnKey Cloud offers a unique industry leading solution to corporate file sharing, offering fully encrypted cloud storage accessible from all enterprise mobile and desktop operating systems. With no storage quotas, no file size limits, and no minimum user commitments, TurnKey cloud is an unmatched value in comparison to the competition.

Don’t be fooled by other providers offering cloud storage without encryption or enterprise security and auditing features. Your data is important, it should be kept safe, secure and uniquely encrypted to you. TurnKey Cloud leads the way with its advanced technology and enterprise features.

Competing cloud-based file sharing services focus on consumer grade options like photo or music sharing without paying attention to security or privacy - TurnKey Cloud fills the gap that businesses are asking for by delivering a business-class file sharing service that is secure and easy to use with end-to-end encryption while providing access controls, reporting, and total compliance tracking.

Cost Per Month $10/mn $15/mn $15/mn $55/mn $399/mn
No Filesize Limits
Unlimited Storage
No User Minimum
Private Encryption Keys
Integrated Reselling
Customizable Branding
Customizable Features
Know Who Has Your Data

Video Tutorials

Getting Started - User

In this video, we will introduce new company users to the web interface, and desktop application.

Getting Started - Admin

New TurnKey Cloud customers should view this video first, as we review the user, and share creation process.

Advanced Features - Desktop

Configuring the desktop application is quick and easy, click the video and see for yourself.

Advanced Features - Web

Here we will review advanced user and share options as well as file versioning and recovering deleted files.

Reseller Features

Learn more about the company creation process, resource allocation, and branding.