All The Features You Want And The Security You Need

Secure Corporate File Sharing Made Easy

TurnKey Cloud makes it easy to access and securely share your sensitive corporate data. No matter when or where you are, or even which device you are using. TurnKey Cloud empowers users to safely View, Edit and Share any files

Share Files Anywhere To send files on insecure consumer solutions and clumsy FTPs are now a thing of the past. TurnKey Cloud is a Quick, Easy and Secure way to conduct corporate file sharing

Access Data Anytime No need for VPN as TurnKey Cloud gives users secure encrypted access to their corporate data when needed – even when there is no Internet connection available

Work on Any Device Work how you want. Mac, PC, Web or Mobile – TurnKey Cloud offers instantaneous secure Access, Edit or Share from any device

You’re in Control

Share highly confidential documents or sensitive personal data. The TurnKey Cloud permission and reporting subsystem enables you to manage and differentiate access to your corporate files

Individual Permissions The differential permission including Read-Only and Read/Write enables administrators to specify exactly which users have access to which business data

Remote Wipe Any Device If users switch or lose devices, all it takes is a click of a button to securely wipe the encrypted data on the lost devices

Enterprise-Grade Safety TurnKey Cloud combines the ease of use from well-known consumer cloud solutions, with powerful enterprise-grade security – protecting you from security policy breach

Instantly See What’s Happening

Administrators always know when anyone Edits, Deletes or Uploads documents, and you can even receive extensive activity reports helping you to verify that everyone is safely sharing your corporate data

Who Does What When See what’s happening, view file activity, search for content across the organization and centrally manage ownership

Centralized Management The centralized web-based management interface makes it easy to get an overview as well as manage Users, Groups and Sharing Rights for the entire organization – including external users

Detailed File and User Reports Generate detailed User, File and Access Reports to ensure company policies and guidelines are being followed

File Server Replacement

Give company users the same Look and Feel as if they worked on a local file server combined with Easy File Sharing and Powerful Enterprise Security

File Server Functionality Mapped as a network drive users will experience RushFiles as a Fully Featured traditional local File Server supporting all known File Actions coupled with Easy File Sync and Sharing features

TB of Data on Any Devices Due to unique Metadata File Technology companies with large TB File Structures can allow any user to work with all of the corporate data, even on laptops with limited storage options

Sync and Share on All Corporate Files Enable all company users to be more productive by giving them Instant Sync and Corporate File Sharing functionality across your entire corporate file structure

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is TurnKey Cloud?

TurnKey Cloud is an industry leading solution designed to securely store & share company data via your desktop, web and mobile devices.

Why TurnKey Cloud vs Other File Sharing Services?

Competing cloud-based file sharing services focus on consumer grade options like photo or music sharing without paying attention to security or privacy - TurnKey Cloud fills the gap that businesses are asking for by delivering a business-class file sharing service that is secure and easy to use with end-to-end encryption while providing access controls, reporting, and total compliance tracking. See how we compare.

What Is The Cloud?

The Cloud refers to our cluster of servers located in our privately held SSAE16 Type 2 certified facility. Staffed 24/7/365 with CCTV monitoring, read more about our data center here.

What Operating Systems Are Supported?

Any Windows or Mac based operating system can install the desktop application. Any system with a browser can utilize sharing via the web interface We also have mobile apps for Andriod, iPhone, and Windows Phones available in their respective app stores. All software is available on our downloads page.

Is Storage REALLY Unlimited?

Yes, truly unlimited storage. Our existing privately held data center infrastructure combined with state of the art green technologies allows TurnKey cloud to offer services at a much lower cost than competitors, while guaranteeing a quality product. Learn more about our Green Initiatives.

Is There A Maximum File Size?

No, there is no maximum file size. Many of our competitors impose file size restrictions to reduce storage and bandwidth costs. TurnKey Cloud has thousands of Gbps fiber bandwidth and multi-TB cloud storage nodes, these types of restrictions are not needed on our platform.

What if I Need Help?

TurnKey Cloud is bundled with FREE 24/7/365 product support. Simply call, come onto live chat, or submit a support ticket via the client area to receive immediate assistance.

Is My Data Safe?

All TurnKey Cloud data is fully encrypted locally on your desktop or mobile device, in the cloud, and in our backups.

Will Anyone Be Able To See My Data?

No one, not even TurnKey cloud staff members can view user data. Only authorized users (controlled by you) protected by their email address and password can log in. Passwords are fully encrypted on the fly, and not accessible by staff or server administrators.

How Do I Get Started?

TurnKey Cloud offers 30 day free trials to all new customers, there is no credit card required, and no obligation or pressure. Free trials also include full product support.

What Happens After My 30 Day Trial?

If you are satisfied with TurnKey Cloud you can upgrade from the free trial to the paid version by simply logging into your client account, going to your products and then clicking upgrade.

If for whatever reason the product does not meet your satisfaction your account will be closed and your data will be scheduled for removal from the cloud.

Should you wish to re-activate your account after your free trial has ended or need to restore your account after it's removal, for any reason, a service fee of $500 will be applied to your account.

What is the Managed Assurance Service?

All of our TurnKey Cloud services include easy to use fully automated software, detailed training and usage videos, as well as free technical support. For clients who want premium concierge access to our expert support team for assistance with advanced troubleshooting or implementation, we offer our Managed Assurance plan which provides you with premium 24x7 support. This service also includes exclusive one on one training with an engineer to help you get started (up to 5 hours). Starting at $99/mn, this includes 50 users, each additional user $2/mn

The Managed Assurance plan also includes free per-incident and hourly support costs that would otherwise be associated if a customer wants to recover deleted data outside of standard retention periods, offering a complete peace of mind for businesses wanting complete business continuity coupled with a helping hand to take care of them during such an event.

For clients who do not have a Managed Assurance Plan, fees associated with declaring an emergency incident : an incident being defined as an emergency where TurnKey is engaged in assisting a customer restore or access data locally or to the cloud, a fee of $999 is charged along with a $125/hr fee for time our technicians spend. With the Managed Assurance Plan, you don't have to worry about these fees and can focus solely on your data and business continuity.

What is Data Migration & Setup Assistance?

On-boarding & Implementation assistance is a service provided by TurnKey Clouds staff to assist in the implementation and configuration of your new cloud services. This service includes exclusive one on one training with an engineer to help you get started (up to 5 hours), as well as data migration assistance to ensure a smooth transition into your new cloud storage.